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Gravity Carbon



    The foils of the Gravity line are designed to provide a solid lift with a smooth take-off and great carving potential.


  • Smooth take-off
  • Maneuverability and carving
  • Stability and lift


    Area: 1245 cm²

    Span: 70 cm

    Aspect Ratio: 3.9

    Weight: 1.42 kg (wing only)



    Area: 1480 cm²

    Span: 81 cm

    Aspect Ratio: 4.4

    Weight: 1.67 kg (wing only)



    Area: 1760 cm²

    Span: 90 cm

    Aspect Ratio: 4.6

    Weight: 1.95 kg (wing only)



    Area: 2195 cm²

    Span: 110 cm

    Aspect Ratio: 5.5

    Weight: 2.15 kg (wing only)


    A Gravity foil is an intuitive foil to use. It generates lift at low (and even very low) speed but does it a smooth way so you can keep your balance easily. The wings are designed to be easy to roll and turn, so they can perform in the surf.


    The range includes 4 sizes from 1200 to 2200 cm². Foils with more area such as the 1800 and 2200 provide more lift, but we made sure they also come with more aspect ratio to maintain the glide and avoid unnecessary drag. Their shape provide great stability, combined with the high lift potential, it makes them ideal to progress in Surf Foil, SUP Foil or Wing Foil. The 1200 and 1500 take advantage of their more compact shape to offer high end maneuverability, they are made to carve seamless turns on the waves.


    Built using the Monobloc construction with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and really strong. This set-up offers better load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The Titan connection allows to plug both an aluminium or carbon mast and the fuselage is split in two parts to facilitate transportation.


    The Gravity 1200, 1500 are recommended with the C275 Surf stab. This stabilizer offers better glide and a looser feel. It’s the ideal match for the speed and glide of the Phantom and Gravity 1200/1500 wings. The looser feel will help turning these higher aspect wings and provide an awesome surfing experience.


    The Gravity 1800 and 2200 are now also recommended with the C275 Surf stab. This stabilizer offers easy take-off and good directional stability for a secure feel which is perfect when riding. The constant curve arch makes it easier to roll the foil and engage in the turns at any speed, it will serve good when carving.


    The Gravity 1800 can also be purchased with a IC6 Stab. IC6 injected carbon is cheaper than the full pre preg carbon. It's a great option for beginners.


Gravity Carbon


FW 1200 + Short Fuse + Stab C275S, FW 1500 + Short Fuse + Stab C275S, FW 1800 + Long Fuse + Stab C275S, FW 2200 + Long Fuse + Stab C275S


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