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If you are looking for a typical tour to share with 50 other tourists, sorry but you are not on the right website. If what you want is to learn learn watersports or shred during your holidays with the local guys, them welcome to Shaka Vibes.

We are the right guys you need to know in Cancun if you want to practice any board sports (even the sports not listed in our services…). Max, the founder of Shaka Vibes, has been riding and sailing all his life and since he moved to Cancun seven years ago, he has been dedicated to teach and share his passions for watersports to thousands of students. Now, he is surround by people just like himself, to spread the shaka vibes and offer more quality lessons and trips. 

We are a small company with strong values and unmatched knowledge of the ocean surrounding cancun. We care about our playground and respect our ocean, giving back as much as we can. 




- We are not the tour operator that is trying to get commission on the back of it’s clients. 

- We are not the tour operator that provide stupid 20cl plastic bottle or single use snorkel.

- We are not the tour operator that will charge you $100 USD for your pictures.

- We are not the tour operator that will oversell activities, and then send you with another company. 

- We are real waterman that want to share good time on the water with cool guys (yes, all our clients are cool)

- We are real instructors, that will give you the best tips and instructions to make you improve your skills. 

- WE REALLY SPEAK ENGLISH (and Spanish and French…)

- We choose to have few clients, but offer them the best service.

- We are completely flexible, and adapt our services to exactly what you want or need to have good time on the water in Cancun. 

Meet The Team

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Max is the founder of Shaka Vibes. He is a true waterman that practice all the sports we offer at the highest level. 

Max is 4X national champion of SUP and 3X youth France Champion of windsurfing.

He also won the Master of the Ocean (5 watersports competition in Dominican republic) and the Defi Wind Tripple crown. 

romain lhuillier.jpg

Romain is Max's brother. He has been living in cancun since 3 years and he is in charge of the SUP tours and lessons, as well as some of the windsurfing and foil lessons.  

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Santiago is our long time friend in Cancun. He is the best diving instructor we know and he will bring you underwater when there is no wind. 

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