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The best accommodation for kiters in Cancun

Our main spot is located in the best location in Cancun: Puerto Cancun. Right at the beginning of the hotel zone, this large private residential and commercial area has created a 850m long private beach, that is perfect for kitesurfing, wingfoiling and any watersports. Being so conveniently located, it allows our customers to choose from a very large variety of accomodation. 

If you are looking for cheap apartment to rent, there are many airbnb downtown less than 10 minutes away from the spot by car or taxi. 

If you are looking for reasonably priced hotel close to the spot, the Hotel Renaissance, located right beside the mall of Puerto Cancun and overlooking the harbour, is a great option. They have a free shuttle that can drive you to the spot and you can ask for a room with a view on the spot. 

If you want the best and closest accomodation to enjoy our services, SLS Hotel is right on the beach of the spot. You will enjoy luxury accomodation and come ride with us by walking 100 meters only!

Here is a selection of accomodation we recommend for every budget. Please note that we do not provide the accomodation ourself, we just recommend you some options and give you the links to reserve directly with them.


Shaka Vibes spot sls hotel.jpg

SLS Hotel

Luxury hotel right on the beach

SLS Hotel is the closest accomodation from the spot. Great ambiance in the beach club, maximum confort and 3 minutes walking from our kite & wing club!

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Marina front hotel with view on the spot

Renaissance Hotel is a very good option for someone that wants good accomodation, reasonably priced, and close from the spot. The hotel has a free shuttle that goes directly to our kite & wing school.

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Private room (airbnb)

If you want to come learn kiteboarding  on a budget, this airbnb room is a great option. It is close to Isla Blanca, steps away from the beach and affordable.

We are aware that Isla Blanca is a very remote place and there isn't much to do there except kiteboarding. There are no convenience stores, shops, restaurants, bars or any. services in Isla Blanca. Plus, there are not many options for accommodation and those available can be expensive and not very confortable. This is why we usually recommend our clients to stay in Cancun and make the trip to Isla Blanca every day for kiting.


To help your research for the perfect accommodation for you, here is a list of some place we recommend, depending on your budget and taste. All those accommodation are located less that 20 minutes away from Isla Blanca.


If you are looking for a hotel instead of rental, there are plenty of options for you. The best is to choose a hotel north from Cancun, on the coastline called "Costa Mujeres". There are mostly all inclusive resorts, with great facilities, amenities and good location to go kiting in Isla Blanca. 


We do not help our customers book their stay in big hotels, but we are always available to answer a few questions if you have any doubts about your accomodation choices. 

You can either call us or use the chat box and we will help you as much as we can. 

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+52 (998) 371 1771

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